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Personal Brand Quick Quiz

How Strong Is Your Brand?
by William Arruda*

The strongest personal brands in the world have a few things in common: they are clear about what makes them unique; they consistently communicate to their targeted audience; and they ensure everything surrounding them sends the same on-brand message. Want to see how you measure up? Take this brief branding quiz to assess the current strength of your brand.

Instructions: For each of the 15 questions below, keep track of how many times you respond with the word 'Yes'.

Part 1. Brand Discovery
Understanding Your Unique Promise of Value

1. Can you state your five most relevant and compelling brand attributes (adjectives that describe your unique promise of value - what separates you from your peers or competitors)?

2. Do you know what others think of you? How they would describe you? What they would say are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

3. Have you identified your vision for the world and your purpose? Your personal role in supporting that vision?

4. Can you state your top five values and passions?

5. Have you documented your short- and long-term goals and do you read them regularly?

Part 2. Brand Communications
Expressing Your Brand to Your Target Audience

1. Can you clearly describe your target audience (those people who need to know about you so that you can achieve your professional goals)?

2. Do you have a brand communications plan for the year that lists your communications tools and plans for expressing your brand?

3. Do you have a brand identity system (letterhead, business cards, thank you notes, brochures, resume/CV - those items appropriate for you) that clearly communicates your brand?

4. Have you published or e-published an article in the past three months?

5. Have you spoken publicly either within your organization or to a professional group within the past three months?

Part 3. Brand Consistency
Exuding Your Brand through Your Brand Environment

1. Do you communicate regularly with members of your professional network (by email, by telephone, at gatherings)?

2. Do you belong to and take a leadership role in a professional or volunteer organization?

3. Do you mark every project in which you participate with your personal brand?

4. Is your personal style (image, appearance, wardrobe, business accessories) consistent with your personal brand and appropriate for your target audience?

5. Does your office/desk/work environment communicate your brand?


If you answered 'yes' to fewer than 12 questions, your brand could use some focused effort and you are missing an opportunity to stand out among your peers and achieve your business or professional goals. What are you waiting for?

Contact Susan Guarneri, Certified Personal Branding Strategist via email at Susan@AssessmentGoddess.com or call 715.546.4449.

* Used with permission from William Arruda, Reach, http://www.reachcc.com/ Reach Communications Consulting, Inc. All rights reserved.

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