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Career Future Focus Quiz
for Career Development

Do You Know Where Your Career Is Going?

Without career focus, you may be headed nowhere. Keeping all your options open is just like chasing too many rabbits in the woods...you won't catch any of them! By determining your career or business direction, you can be the strategic leader of your career. You can proactively seek new opportunities to use your talents, grow your knowledge and skills, and meet your needs and values, rather than reactively trying to "put out fires".

Instructions: For each of the 15 questions below, keep track of how many times you respond with the word 'Yes'.

Section 1. Career Assessments and Focus
Leveraging Deep Self-Knowledge to Discover Your Focus

1. Can you describe your career direction clearly in one sentence?

2. Do you know the cornerstone elements that can lead to career satisfaction?

3. Are you aware of other occupations or careers that might be a good fit for you?

4. Do you know your burn-out skills?

5. Do you know what industries and employment sectors are best suited to you?

Section 2. Career Transition
Strategic Thinking to Thrive in a World of Change

1. Are you thinking about changing your job, career, or business niche?

2. Have you inventoried your marketable and transferable personal assets?

3. Do you know the future outlook for the type of position you are seeking?

4. Is your personal brand consistent with careers/business niches you are considering?

5. Do you know how your next career change will enhance your overall career path?

Section 3. Self-Marketing and Career Management
Branded Action and Communications Attracts Career Opportunities

1. Do you understand that YOU are the product you are selling, and that you must effectively promote yourself?

2. Have you a clear brand identity and a self-marketing plan for commmunicating it?

3. Are you able to give examples of accomplishments that are on brand and address your target audience?

4. Do you know how to optimize your networking efforts?

5. Are you confident of your ability to maximize your career or business position in the future?


If you answered 'yes' to fewer than 12 questions, your focus on the future is hazy at best. Consider professional career coaching as an investment that will secure future dividends. The return-on-investment for career planning can be enormous!

Contact Susan Guarneri, National Certified Career Counselor, Certified Career Management Coach, and Certified Personal Branding Strategist via email at Susan@AssessmentGoddess.com or call 715.546.4449.

* (c) Susan Guarneri, 2013 Career Assessment Goddess. All rights reserved.

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