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Are you prepared to make
career change a priority?

Your career and/or business goals ARE within you reach...

OK, you've heard that before... so how can you be sure? Well, our best proof is our clients. They get results. Since 1985 we have seen thousands of clients with problems related to careers and career planning, who benefited from career counseling and career coaching. Career services extended to small business development, management leadership development, and outplacement.

Our Approach - "The BIG Difference"
The basic premise of our proprietary LEAP process and programs is to leverage the knowledge gained from appropriate career assessment solutions, along with expert career counseling, career coaching and consulting, to enable and empower strategic thinking for enhanced results.

The word "leverage" is defined as "the power gained from using a lever". A lever turns on a fixed point (the fulcrum) to transmit power. Assessments are like the lever turning on the fixed point (you) to release and transmit YOUR POWER. You have control over what you choose to do - and not do. The LEAP programs are proactive, rather than reactive, and encourage better choices and breakthrough results.

The ABC'S will get you there!
We combine 4 powerful pillars to ensure the greatest success AND the most value for your investment of time and money. These include:

  1. A: Assessments. Career assessments are the starting point for deeper awareness and understanding of what revs your engines in the world of work. Whether you are a careerist or a small business owner or a CEO, you absolutely need to be clear about your focus and branding attributes, and career assessments can provide crucial assistance in your career search.

  1. B: Branding. Personal branding has been defined by William Arruda, founder of the Reach Branding Cluband the 360-degree personal branding assessment, as your "unique promise of value". Wouldn't you like to know what that is?

    The attributes, qualities and values you are identified with represent your brand, whether you know it or not. Personal branding allows you to uncover your unique brand, communicate it unerringly to others, and build your brand cachet. It enables you to stand out from the crowd.

  1. C: Coaching and Counseling. Career counseling helps you to figure out what that next career or entrepreneur step should be, and career coaching brings strategic thinking, focused goal-setting, planning, tactics, and energized motivation to make it happen.

    Career satisfaction is attainable, but it has to begin with inner exploration and discussion/feedback from a reputable career counselor. Identifying the elements that make up who you are - the DNA of your brand - gives you increased marketability and career leverage. It allows you to know what target you are going after (and why) and how to best reach that target.

  1. S: Support and Resources. Just knowing you have a career advocate - to help you see through career confusion and hold you accountable for the decisions you make and goals you set - how powerful is that? In addition to the professional and emotional support in one-on-one sessions, we offer practical resources to keep you on track: teleseminars (free and fee), group coaching, the Career Goddess News e-newsletter, Career Goddess Blog, and access to recommended links, services and offers.

Would these kinds of Results interest you?

Individuals - Professionals and Executives

  • Figured out their career choices and developed a plan to get there.

  • Reduced the amount of time out of work and in career transition.

  • Increased their salary level and/or benefits package.

  • Gained peace of mind with powerful career management tools.

  • Attracted career opportunities that others only dream of.

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

  • Identified, launched and grew a business.

  • Developed on-brand clarity and niche marketing expertise.

  • Leveraged knowledge about their personal assets to gain confidence.

  • Understood strengths-gaps that needed to be filled in their business.

  • Created life-work balance to energize and fulfill their life.

Career Coaches, Counselors and Consultants

  • Increased career coaching revenues and boosted profits.

  • Learned how to choose and use assessments wisely.

  • Grew in coaching/counseling confidence and professionalism.

  • Gained expert recognition from their clients (students) and colleagues.

  • Built a powerful coaching brand and niche.

Company HR and Department Heads

  • Offered top-notch talent development programs without spending a fortune.

  • Secured greatest ROI on selection and development assessments.

  • Addressed outplacement in a new, more effective way.

  • Gained team building buy-in for time-saving, highly effective telecoaching programs.

  • Improved leadership communications style and management results.


Our Mission: To empower, guide, support, and inspire clearly focused, courageous career leaps.

Our Vision: A world of work where everyone feels good about their career or business. We want EVERYONE to be engaged in work that interests them, uses their best skills and natural strengths, truly meets their needs and values, and capitalizes on their unique personality. "Settling for less" is not an option.

Our Brand Attributes: Inspiring, enthusiastic, intuitive, creative, forward-thinking, enterprising, supportive, accessible, optimistic, dependable, and honest.


The "Expert" Difference: Yes, the Assessment Goddess really DOES have cutting-edge credentials - like Distance Career Counseling (DCC) for telephone counseling and Certified Personal Branding Strategist (one of only 50 certified worldwide) for brand leverage. In fact, our training and credentials place us in the top 5% of professionals in the careers industry.

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Would you like a recognized careers industry expert on your career development team? If you think the way we work could be right for you, and want to get real results that will give you the best return on your investment, check out our Services for professionals, executives, career coaches, and companies.

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