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LEAP Career Focus Program


Need help in managing your next
career change or finding your business niche?

Did you know?
There are more than thousands of possible careers in hundreds of different industries in North America, and more than 280 academic majors...and those numbers are continually growing! It's no wonder confusion and indecision about career choice abounds.

This program is designed for professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs who are UNFOCUSED and need to determine what career field or business niche to target next. The LEAP Process is proprietary and unique. It is the ONLY career counseling program that also incorporates proactive career coaching AND 360-degree personal branding feedback.

The central idea is this: know yourself FIRST, then find a career that fits. You can then be more satisfied with a career where you can thrive and be successful. With focus and unique marketing tools, such as personal branding, you can be in control of your future.

"Without a doubt, Susan Guarneri is one of the nation's premier providers of career counseling and coaching...a 'magical' career coach." - Susan Britton Whitcomb, Principal and Founder, TheAcademies.com.

"Just a few months ago, I was the poster child of someone who had no idea what to do with their life. Now, I am excited in the new path that I have decided to take! The assessments and homework required in the LEAP Program really made me look inside myself...I would recommend anyone who is struggling in their career and considering making a change to check out the LEAP Program because it offers so much...." - Tyler G., transitioned from a Bank Teller to Occupational Therapy Assistant.

LEAP Program for Students, Professionals, Executives, and Entrepreneurs

We use valid, reliable career tests that determine the 4 cornerstones for career satisfaction: motivated skills, interests and passions, personality type, and values and goals. These ALL play a role in finding a good career match. You are too complex as a human being to base your career future on just ONE career test, measuring just one aspect of who you are.


  • Career assessments covering the 4 cornerstone areas mentioned above, plus career obstacles assessment to uncover what may be standing in the way of your career transition success.
  • SIX convenient one-on-one coaching telesessions (1 hour each). Includes additional four hours of my professional time 'behind the scenes' to analyze assessment results, review pre-session checkin feedback from you, and prepare for our coaching sessions.

    We can move along as fast as you want, but remember, there are assignments you have to complete in between each session.
  • Top-notch professional career counseling and career coaching (25+ years' experience).
  • Structured process with lots of wiggle room for creativity and intuition to clarify, dig deep, and re-energize your career or business path.
  • Unlimited email and instant messaging (IM) for 2 months - to support you on your journey of discovery.
  • $450 BONUS: Personal Branding Basics Package
    360Reach Branding Assessment along with 30+-page 360Reach Data Analysis and Feedback Report. This package includes 2 hours of my professional time (1 hour direct coaching, as well as 1 hour data analysis and integration into the LEAP Process prior to our coaching session). Value: $450 package when ordered separately.
  • Unlimited $$ Bonus: Reduced rate on services and products for one year
    You are eligible to receive a 20% discount on ANY additional coaching and/or resume-writing services and products for one year!

Investment for total package: $1500 - SPECIAL RATE
We work with you to YOUR satisfaction - guaranteed.

Here's what you can expect - we promise to:

  1. Select career assessments that are right for your situation,
  2. Explain complex assessment results in an easy-to-understand manner,
  3. Discuss and give professional feedback on your reflections and input,
  4. Guide you in your research of new career opportunities,
  5. Serve as your sounding board for new career ideas,
  6. Maintain confidentiality of your communications and records at all times,
  7. Encourage and support transformation of any limiting attitudes and beliefs,
  8. Help you resolve tough career decisions (getting "unstuck"),
  9. Collaborate on a customized Branded Action Plan to address your new career goals, and
  10. Provide additional resources that inform, support, and encourage your success.

"Susan helped me with career counseling. We did the whole nine yards - career assessments, career coaching, research and action plan. She produced a spectacular resume and powerful cover letter that won me an interview immediately, and I cinched the job offer with 2 follow-up thank you letters! She's worth every dollar because you get results and I'd use her again." - Alicia D., Murray Hill, NJ

"Susan has taken the wheel-spinning anxiety out of my career transition and has made it an interesting adventure." - Aline Johnson, Princeton, NJ


  • One convenient one-on-one coaching telesession (1 hour) with you to determine your needs and obstacles, as well as a SWOT analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, career opportunities, and threats. Additional coaching time available at standard professional rate ($200/hour).

  • This is a stand-alone session and not part of the Complete program mentioned above.

  • Top-notch professional career counseling and career coaching (over 25 years' experience).

Investment for one hour: $200

Susan Guarneri

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Bonus: Get the special report "Likeability: The Wild Card in Interviewing" when you sign-up NOW!
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