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Want to make the LEAP to the next level?

Ready to take control of your career transition
and business success?

Many of our clients - professionals and executives interested in a job or career change or career development, or small businesses and companies focused on business development - have top-notch skills, knowledge, and accomplishments in diverse industries.

These industries have included pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, financial services, high tech, business services, retail, sales, and manufacturing. Despite their high level of experience, these career and business professionals are not skilled in strategic career planning.

If you want to ensure your career or business develops in the direction YOU decide you want it to go, you may need the help of a career counseling or career coaching professional. Typically our clients find us when they have tried - and failed - to achieve the next step in their career.

Is This You and Your Problem?

  • Are you a professional or executive thinking about a career or job change, but just seem to be floundering? You may never have really figured out "what you want to be when you grow up". Perhaps your boss or Board of Directors, the actual work you do, or your work environment are just driving you crazy. You're getting headaches (or other body aches) more often, can't sleep well, and tend to be irritable because of job-related stress.

  • Are you a new or prospective entrepreneur and just don't know how to differentiate yourself from your competition? You want - and need - to be a business success, but you can't get a clear notion about what that entails. You may be thinking about a start-up business, perhaps a small business consulting service based on all your years of career and industry expertise, but the idea of a business plan sends cold chills down your spine.

  • Are you a company HR or department head charged with using career assessments for team building and talent development, but don't have assessments expertise? You may want well-recognized assessment tools, combined with management and executive coaching, to provide a foundation for succession planning or to enhance outplacement programs, but don't have the budget for "big-name company" prices.

  • Are you a career coach wondering how to integrate effective career assessments into your business? Which ones to choose and how to get the needed training are problems you've been putting off. Your clients may be expecting to be given a battery of career assessments, along with your other coaching homework, but you are not feeling confident that you could answer their questions about the assessments.

If at least one of these scenarios is true of you, then read on... you're in the right place. Here are more likely candidates for our programs:

  • Mid - to senior-level professionals, as well as MBA graduates, looking to make the leap to the C-suite,

  • Motivated career changers ready to uncover their personal brand and find a job they can love,

  • Executives and entrepreneurs who realize that personal branding is their roadmap to outstripping their competition,

  • Companies who believe in talent development as a key to business survival, and

  • Career coaches who want to be at the "top of their game" professionally by using career assessments for improved client results... and added revenue.

Who Will Succeed Using the LEAP Programs?

The LEAP Programs are based on 20 years of career management, business development and corporate consulting experience. While we have extensive academic training and specialty certifications in the careers industry, our work with thousands of clients has led to a profound discovery... our programs and services are not for everyone!

Our most successful clients - the ones who have gotten the most value from our programs - all share the following characteristics:

  1. Commitment - they are invested in themselves and are driven to move out of the status quo. They will not "settle" for ho-hum, and are excited about having a career or business with a passionate purpose. They are committed to taking some time to get clear on their unique attributes and to define their focus. The LEAP Programs are not like "instant oatmeal". Creating strategic plans (whether short-term or long-term) for career or business success is not an "instant" process.

  1. Risk taking and Action - they've determined that staying in the "comfort zone" is not an option and that calculated, and supported, risk-taking is necessary to make things happen for the better in their career and/or business. Without action, all the wonderful insights and options in the world are meaningless.

  1. Change Management - they understand that change is the one constant in life, and are prepared to learn how to deal with career and business changes - on THEIR terms. They are open and willing to use career assessments as a tool for change.

  1. Resiliency and Growth - they learn from their mistakes and bounce back. They seek appropriate help and resources... and they grow. Everyone falls down sometime, no matter how "together" you are... the point is, what do you do AFTER you fall?

  1. Self-Marketing Sense - they understand the powerful nature of branding for self-marketing success, whether in a career or in a business. Gaining insight into their "unique promise of value", and executing a consistent and clear branding communications plan, are the keys to successful self-marketing. If you can't get excited about your career or job, then you are in the wrong field.


As your "partner in career success", we are here to provide support and resources, as well as a proven structure and process, so that you can wake up excited on Monday morning... eager to get your career or business day started.

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Now that you have a better idea of the typical concerns of our clients and the characteristics of successful clients, learn more about the 12 points of difference in How We Work to ensure your career success.
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